Your Network Shouldn’t Restrain Business

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According to Gartner, organizations spend 22% of their IT budget on networking (CapEx and OpEx). Trying to achieve network agility, performance, and security with legacy technologies will only continue to burden your IT team. This will keep them preoccupied, and unable to work on strategic initiatives that would benefit the business.

Negotiate network contracts, configure equipment, deploy solution, address user complaints, fix problems, and repeat. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Enterprises with multiple locations around the country, or the world, constantly deal with an endless cycle of recurring WAN connectivity challenges. Every time a new branch office opens, this dreaded cycle begins anew.

Legacy networks are rigid, and were not designed to handle the volume and diversity of today’s users and applications. The pace of business, and ever-changing business dynamics, requires network infrastructure to be on-demand, agile, and scalable.

Read more from ATC provider, Arayaka, here as they talk global SD-WAN.

IT organizations transitioning data center functions to the cloud have unique requirements. Their cloud-based networks need the following capabilities:

  • A global network with MPLS-grade quality and reliability
  • End-to-end multi-layered security
  • Accelerated application performance to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services
  • WAN optimization embedded within the network to deliver applications fast
  • Global SD-WAN functionality to reduce cost and complexity
  • Easy and fast network deployment with on-demand scalability

A global SD-WAN service delivers all of the above. It removes network infrastructure as a business obstacle, and leverages an optimized global network to be a business opportunity enabler.

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