Louie Hollmeyer

As Director of Marketing, Louie Hollmeyer is charged with leading ATC’s marketing communications. In his role as ATC’s lead evangelist, Hollmeyer is responsible for online marketing, content marketing, co-op marketing, video marketing, advertising and public relations. He famously claims he is a “hybrid consultant, marketer, biz dev dude, pitchman and storyteller.”

Hollmeyer conducts business development activities by spreading goodwill and opening doors. He works diligently to identify synergistic partners that seek to serve clients with the same “blue”-glove treatment as ATC.

Since joining ATC, Louie Hollmeyer has developed his IT consulting expertise and once touted an impressive client list of his own. Often, he would spearhead projects, or assist ATC’s accomplished, senior-level experts. Today, he focuses on the betterment of all things ATC, including ATC clients and partners.

Hollmeyer is accredited by the Business Marketing Association as a Certified Business Communicator (CBC). He also holds a Master’s degree from Xavier University and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he played soccer.

Hollmeyer resides in West Chester, OH, with his three children.

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