Technology Fueling Growth

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ATC’s David Goodwin was recently quoted in the Cincinnati Business Courier‘s “Who’s Who in Technology” Supplement, March 21:
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What technology helped you grow in 2013?

GOODWIN: VoIP phone systems. We use one to connect all of our locations where our knowledge workers are at a desk and integrate it with their mobile phones so they can work from anywhere. Additionally, disaster recovery and business continuity are inherently built-in. Lastly, we consulted a record number of clients in 2013 on the same.

What technology will you eliminate in 2014?

GOODWIN: Traditional faxing. The only faxes we receive on our fax machine are solicitations. We use Fax2Mail when a fax is required and scan/email everything else.

If money wan’t an object, what technologies would be on your Tech Wish List for 2014?

GOODWIN: Maybe a high-end video and acoustic conference room where we could make our own videos for marketing purposes and host HD video conferences.

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