Managed Detection and Response in Hartford CT

Keep threats at bay with managed detection and response.

What Is Managed Detection and Response in Hartford CT?

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is continually changing while the attack surface increases and the perimeter dissolves. It is imperative that businesses protect themselves from potential attacks.

Managed detection and response (MDR) combines technology and human expertise to allow organizations to rapidly detect and respond to breaches with threat mitigation and containment. Using MDR, technology providers offer a turnkey experience, using a predefined technology stack to collect relevant logs, data and contextual information that protect your network, security and cloud managed services.

Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats!

Keep Your Business Safe With Managed Detection and Response

Undetected threats can cause irreparable damage to the daily flow of business operations for many businesses. Here’s how managed detection and response can protect your organization:

Enhanced visibility:

Protect the attack surface of your business from all angles around the clock with comprehensive protection that covers your network, endpoints, cloud and data vulnerabilities.

Proactive security measures:

Prevent phishing and ransomware attacks with proactive monitoring to find, stop and respond to cyber threats before it’s too late (and too costly).

Mitigate damages:

Supplement existing security and IT measures to avoid destruction of proprietary data, theft of intellectual property, stolen or ransomed money and reputational harm.

Don't Risk Losing Your Data

Today, all businesses are vulnerable to attack, not just major brands, and the consequences of being unprepared can be catastrophic and costly. A sound security strategy provides unified and reliable protection of your assets from potential threats.

Whether your environment is in the cloud, on-premise or somewhere in-between, managed detection and response will monitor your network around the clock, ensuring every asset is safe and secure throughout your entire IT infrastructure.

You could face catastrophic consequences by failing to embrace this invaluable service.

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