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ATC’s Delta Model is a proven approach to sourcing and implementing next-gen IT services. It combines vision, expertise, and process with business acumen to empower next-gen IT.

What Is ATC’s Delta Model?

A New Paradigm for IT Leaders
The Delta Model is a proven methodology for sourcing IT services that drive value creation and optimizes technology spend. Its focus is on technology outcomes that deliver differentiation by leveraging agile, resilient technologies.

Why Is ATC’s Model Different?

Rooted in Experience. Refined over decades.
The Delta Model is the culmination of over 100 years of experience navigating an ever-changing technology landscape. It has been perfected over the years with people and processes that breed advocates, and its disciples never go off course—no shortcuts! And, most importantly, it includes ongoing service and support.

How the Delta Process Works?

Step 1 First, we listen. Discovery is just that…. a chance to understand each other’s business drivers.
Step 2 As your tech advisor, this is instrumental in providing you strategic counsel.
Step 3 Turn insight into action. Our consultants build your “future state” leveraging existing assets and transformative technologies.
Step 4 ATC consultants solicit proposals from the leading providers that most likely meet your needs. Our “apples-to-apples” proposal documentation makes this information easier to consume and evaluate.
Step 5 This is where ATC protects your interests, right-sizes your solutions, builds-in resiliency, and gets your organization the most value for your technology spend.
Step 6 Your Super Support Sherpa will guide you through implementation while coordinating vendors, ensuring milestones are met, and synchronizing the team effort.
Step 7 Your defenders of network infrastructure and peace of mind—disrupting an industry by providing high client-satisfaction levels. Learn More about Super Support >

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