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Implementing cloud business solutions today allows your business to successfully plan for tomorrow.

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Are You Using Yesterday’s Network To Accomplish Today’s Work?

  • Do you worry that a breach or cyber attack could wipe out your company?
  • Do your employees have trouble accessing files and data whenever and wherever they need them?
  • Are you looking at major capital expenses and/or licensing to upgrade on-premise equipment?

These are all real concerns, and that’s why you need to consider your cloud options.

Cloud Business Solutions Are You Using Yesterday's Network

Let a Cloud Services Provider Help You Reach Cloud Nirvana

There are a lot of cloud computing approaches out there: From private to public, hybrid and multi, how do you know what’s best for your business and the way your team works, while taking into account security and compliance mandates? 

Without tapping the cloud’s power, your company will be less agile and have limited potential growth opportunities. ATC experts can help you make the right choices by developing a smart, incremental cloud plan for you. We are the cloud services provider you can trust. 

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers enterprise computing, storage, networking and other capabilities at mid-market prices. IaaS enables companies to utilize web-based operating systems, applications and storage without purchasing, managing and supporting the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Cloud services require an application-by-application analysis to determine where specific workloads fit best. Some are better housed in the private cloud, some in the public and some are well-suited for on-premise.

Colocation offers the performance, reliability and power to connect and protect your data and infrastructure — all without the expense of building your own data center. These cloud services strengthen your operational continuity by housing, securing and managing your business infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

Public cloud service offers a multi-tenant environment that provides clients with a pay-as-you-go model, ideal for unpredictable traffic. The public cloud provides the flexibility to scale and add capacity as your applications and demand grows.

Private cloud is built for organizations that want the flexibility of the cloud while maintaining control, access and security of dedicated resources. The private cloud offers a single-tenant environment with dedicated servers for maximum protection and performance. The environment allows you to customize based on your specific needs.

For greater flexibility and scale, combine public cloud and private cloud, and single-tenant environments into a hybrid cloud solution. With a hybrid cloud, you can connect dedicated environments to the private and public clouds of your choice.

Multi-cloud integration delivers a multi-faceted and infinitely scalable networking solution that supports new business models and methodologies. We help clients develop multi-cloud solutions that drive innovation and efficient delivery of products and services without sacrificing quality.

Mission-critical systems and applications are the backbones of your organization. Unforeseen circumstances like power outages, natural disasters and human error can cause significant disruptions to your business. We can help protect your organization against loss with DRaaS and BaaS.

The unforeseen shouldn’t be unexpected: We may not be able to predict exactly what challenges the future will bring. Still, we can prepare to mitigate the impact and help you recover quickly from whatever the world throws your way.

  • Continuity to keep mission-critical systems online and available.
  • Recovery to prevent data loss and restore at a moment’s notice.

If it didn’t happen in your SaaS application, it didn’t happen. Organizations are driven by business-critical applications. Often more than one. They are the lifeblood of your operations and are increasingly the epicenter of your universe. ATC’s portfolio of service providers includes all the leading SaaS technologies. The evolving technology ecosystem becomes even more interconnected by the day. As your technology advisor, we help organizations like yours navigate the SaaS marketplace.

What’s the Real Cost of Not Migrating to the Cloud?

Cloud Business Solutions Cost of Not Migrating

Not using a team of experts to help you move to the cloud may already be costing you a great deal. Your organization’s efficiency, security and profitability are of the utmost importance. 

The right cloud services provider can move the needle in all these areas. Reach out today so you can stop stressing. 

Monitoring Your IT Environment To Maintain Business Continuity and Avoid Negative Impacts on the Customer Experience

It’s not an easy task for IT teams to continually monitor, manage and maintain a distributed, hybrid IT environment. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself examining different tools and running disjointed reports to get the full picture.

In this download, you’ll learn about the Flexential Xperience Platform (FXP) and its associated IT streamlining benefits, including:

  • Managing colocation and your cloud from a single pane of glass.
  • Processing service incidents/requests 24/7/365.
  • Controlling users’ access to physical/virtual environments.
  • Easily managing invoices.
  • Ordering services.

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