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Are You Trying To Do Today’s Work With Yesterday’s Network?

  • Do your employees have trouble accessing files and data whenever and wherever they need? 
  • Are you looking at major capital expenses and/or licensing to upgrade on-premise equipment? 
  • Do you worry that a breach or cyber attack could wipe out the company? 

The struggle is real. That’s why you need to consider your cloud migration options.

Cloud Migration Today's Work

Let Us Help You Clear the Clouds

There are a lot of cloud computing approaches thrown around. Private? Public? Hybrid? Multi? How do you know what’s best for your business and the way your team works, while taking into account security and compliance mandates? If you don’t tap into the cloud you will be less agile and limit growth. Workloads and applications perform optimally in certain environments. ATC experts can help you make the right choices by developing a smart, incremental “cloud” plan for you.

Solutions and Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivers enterprise computing, storage, networking and other capabilities with no need to purchase, manage or support cloud infrastructure.

Get the performance, reliability and power to connect and protect your data without the expense of building your own data center.

Access a range of cloud offerings to accommodate your goals and budget while satisfying your needs for flexibility, control and access.

Choose this multi-faceted and infinitely scalable networking solution to support new business models and methodologies. Drive innovation and efficient delivery of products without sacrificing quality.

Power outages, natural disasters and human error, not to mention cyber attacks, can cause significant problems for your business. Protect against loss with rock-solid business continuity, back-up, and recovery services.

Organizations are driven by business-critical applications. ATC’s portfolio of service providers includes all the leading SaaS technologies. Let us help you navigate the SaaS marketplace.

What’s the Real Cost of Not Migrating to the Cloud?

Cloud Migration Real Cost

Your organization’s efficiency, security and profitability are paramount. The right cloud migration solutions can move the needle in all these areas. 

Not using a team of experts to help you move to the cloud could cost you a great deal.  

Monitoring Your It Environment To Maintain Business Continuity and Avoid Negative Impacts on the Customer Experience

It’s not an easy task for IT teams to continually monitor, manage and maintain a distributed, hybrid IT environment. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself examining different tools and running disjointed reports to get the full picture. 

In this download, you’ll learn about the Flexential Xperience Platform (FXP) and its associated IT streamlining benefits, including: 

  • Managing colocation and your cloud from a single pane of glass.
  • Processing service incidents/requests 24/7/365.
  • Controlling users’ access to physical/virtual environments.
  • Easily managing invoices.
  • Ordering services.

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