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Is Your Network Falling Behind the Competition?

  • Does it feel like your infrastructure is not up to pace and application performance is suffering?
  • Are your team members and clients sometimes frustrated by latency and clunky interactions?
  • Do you worry that your data is at risk, or you could be “locked out” by a threat actor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to discover next-gen network services and IT solutions.

Cybersecurity Consulting Business is Vulnerable

You Can’t Afford To Slow Down

Staying connected in today’s fast-paced world is more important than it’s ever been. You need a high-velocity network that supports performance and productivity to keep your team functioning optimally. 

The right IT partner will be there to offer innovative technologies, keep services optimized and provide strategic advice.

Collectively, all this helps drive your business to reach its goals by making your IT a strategic differentiator.

Enterprises today can enable network and digital transformation with SD-WAN. This next generation of wide area network uses intelligent control engines to manage public and private network connectivity, resulting in secure, reliable WANs. SD-WAN optimizes IT infrastructure to connect multiple locations, users and applications over disparate networks and technologies in real time, taking the fastest, most stable route at any given moment. It can combine DIA, public broadband with private MPLS, and 5G LTE to make one efficient, secure and self-healing network.

  • Connect all applications and infrastructure
  • Collaborate with everyone, anywhere
  • Develop deeply integrated applications

The secure access service edge (SASE) combines SD-WAN capabilities with network security functions — such as secure web gateway, CASB and SDP — to support digital enterprises’ needs. It creates a single network that secures and connects all your endpoints — mobile devices, offices, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and IoT devices — into one global network.

SD-WAN is a replacement for legacy WANs and, as such, connects sites. On the other hand, SASE connects and secures sites… and the new tenants of the enterprise: IoT devices, mobile devices and the cloud.

Network as a service (NaaS) provides centralized management, visibility and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software. It includes layer 7 device and application visibility, real-time, web-based diagnostics, and monitoring and reporting. It’s a networking model for delivering enterprise-wide area network services virtually on a subscription basis.

Configuring and operating routers and protocols, WAN optimizers and other components, such as firewalls or software-defined-WAN endpoints, can be very complicated. With NaaS, those responsibilities are handled or co-managed by a third-party provider and then made available to enterprise customers.

From a single site to large, globally distributed locations, ATC offers a broad range of flexible and scalable network solutions to assure businesses are always connected to mission-critical applications. Flexible and scalable network solutions such as dedicated internet access (DIA), ethernet services, MPLS/VPLS/IP VPN, wireless – 5G LTE and broadband.

Our multi-protocol and virtual private networks set the standard, providing the highest quality, secure inter-office connectivity available while ensuring your voice, data and video applications are performing seamlessly.

ATC can help you leverage an optimized and tailored solution by aggregating disparate networks, carriers, transports and equipment throughout North America to deliver a single cohesive, affordable solution that can be viewed and managed through one source.

The foundation of your voice, data, video and security system is the network infrastructure. ATC can help you put a strategic plan in place for copper, fiber, coaxial or any other media solution that will provide high-speed, reliable data transfer and high performance. Whether you need an infrastructure for voice, data, video, alarm, sound or any other low-voltage infrastructure, we can provide the right solution, including network racks, patch panels, inserts, station termination and more.

Don’t Limp Along With Inferior Network IT Solutions

Network IT Solutions Don't Limp Along

A lack of a reliable, carefully built network may already be costing you a great deal. Costly interruptions or cobbled-together services can inhibit your company’s growth. It can hurt your productivity and even your profitability.

How Can a Cloud Security Solution Replace a Physical Data Center Firewall?

Branch firewalls are typically only focused on securing internet access, but when it comes to data center FWs, things become much more complicated. Data center FWs deal with far more than just secure internet access.

Find out more in this helpful download. You’ll learn the benefits of Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), including:

  • Secure access to and from the internet
  • Secure WAN and LAN access
  • Enterprise network and security capabilities

Client Success

Strengthen the Security of Your Network with SASE

As an IT leader, you’ve likely realized that SD-WAN doesn’t address all the needs required for a complete digital transformation. In this e-guide, you’ll uncover the basics of SASE as it applies to a shift in enterprise demands and network security.

Learn the five key things SASE covers that SD does not:

  • Advanced security
  • Remote workforce
  • Cloud readiness
  • Global performance
  • Simple management

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