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In today’s business world, IT services are critical to ensure efficient operations, data security and strategic decision-making. ATC provides deep expertise, IT strategy and consultation for private equity firms looking to optimize and standardize IT operations in four core segments: voice, network, cloud and cybersecurity.

ATC’s best practices, combined with years of experience working with companies both large and small, empower us to advise clients on how to scale with technology without having the buying power of a large enterprise.

With ATC’s private equity consulting and access to a marketplace with over 600 leading technology providers, we align our clients with the exact services and solutions their business needs.

Private Equity Capitalize

Specialized Private Equity Solutions

You can count on ATC to give an in-depth “current state” analysis and assessment of existing services, followed by strategic design consultation regarding the future state of your business. We then facilitate an RFP selection process with all the leading technology providers for your private equity firm.

At ATC, we customize our approach to fit your unique needs and develop a plan that meets or surpasses your objectives, making technology budgeting a breeze.

Some of the services our team can offer your private equity firm include:

IT modernization:

Are legacy systems slowing down your operations? We’ll streamline and strengthen your network with our cloud-based managed network services.

Acquisition due diligence:

Acquiring another company? Our team of experts has a full understanding of your company’s obligations like leases, debts, distribution agreements, pending and potential lawsuits, employment contracts and more.

Enhanced competitiveness:

Optimize your workflow, reduce operational expenses and get the flexibility and agility you need to succeed in your industry.

Optimized security and reliability:

With cyberattacks becoming a more regular occurrence, security can’t be ignored. Let ATC help reinforce your security posture and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

We Future-Proof Businesses of All Sizes in All Industries

At ATC, we collaborate with organizations of all sizes across industries. From rapidly growing startups that need digital transformation solutions to get their company up and running to mid-sized and large companies that need expert guidance or support for their complex IT infrastructure.

We bring over 100 years of combined experience and in-depth technology expertise to the table to help clients achieve more than they pictured for less than they expected. It’s an approach that drives positive business outcomes and measurable results.

You Can’t Afford To Fall Behind

Private Equity Fall Behind

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, keeping up with your competitors is a must for survival. As an IT consulting firm, we help businesses avoid:

  • Wasting time and money
  • Cyberattacks and system outages
  • Looking disjointed and not connected
  • Getting left behind

Client Success

NIST Security Report

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common in today’s ever-evolving technological world, and the fiscal cost of data breaches cannot be understated. On average, a data breach costs $9.05 million in the United States.

In this report, we dive into the Cyber Security Framework (CSF) developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and provide you with actionable steps you can take to prevent data breaches, including:

  • Building a cross-functional team.
  • Creating security project priorities via one-year, three-year and five-year roadmaps.
  • Engaging with a trusted advisor.

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