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Autonomous Response, Everywhere: A How To Guide

Get Your Free Autonomous Response Guide

Get Your Free Copy of Autonomous Response, Everywhere: A How-To Guide

Want to know how to stop cyberattacks without disrupting your business? Or what autonomous response systems can even do? Together with DarkTrace, we’re offering a free, downloadable and printable ebook that’s easy (and safe) to read: Autonomous Response, Everywhere: A How-To Guide

With cyberattacks getting faster and more disruptive, it has become clear that human security teams cannot react fast enough to modern threats. As attackers continue to develop new techniques, thousands of organizations are turning to autonomous response to take action against novel and sophisticated cyberattacks. Geared for the non-technical among us, this ebook uses easy-to-understand language to provide everything you need to know to make an informed decision on autonomous response, everywhere.

Get Your Free Copy of Autonomous Response, Everywhere: A How-To Guide

The evolution of autonomous systems.

The different types of AI-powered attacks.

Adopting defensive AI to protect against automated attacks.

Defining business requirements of autonomous response.

Understanding of the digital ecosystem.

Protecting all digital environments.

Real world case studies in small, medium and large businesses.

Factors to consider when choosing an autonomous response solution.

Not Sure Autonomous Response Is Right for You?

  • Is your business being disrupted by unknown threats due to a one-size-fits-all approach with technology?
  • Do you have remote workers or a hybrid home and office workplace?
  • Is your tech staff feeling burned out from trying to stay ahead of attackers?
  • Are you and your employees victims of a phishing scam or ransomware attack?

Autonomous response could provide the protection you need for your business. Spend time with Autonomous Response, Everywhere: A How-To Guide and you’ll be prepared to thwart in-progress threats no matter how novel or sophisticated.

Get Your Free Copy of Autonomous Response, Everywhere: A How-To Guide

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