ATC Tech Summit 2023

A recap of 2023’s Tech Summit that brought together leading technologists and IT leaders for education, valuable insights and networking.

What Happened at the Tech Summit 2023?

ATC’s first Tech Summit went over so well that the event outgrew its original venue at Liberty Center’s Sabin Hall. We moved to the Summit Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 2023 and had a tremendous event with excellent turnout!

The event featured two keynotes, two panels, and eight breakout sessions.

Read our official tech summit recap for more information.

ATC Tech Summit 2023

2023 Partners & Presenters

Tech Summit 2023 Partners and Presenters

ATC Tech Summit 2023 Videos

Panel Discussion: Network Security – SASE/SD-WAN Showdown

Experts from CBTS, CATO Networks, RapidScale and Nitel all discuss SASE/SD-WAN and how implementing these solutions are better than traditional VPNs. ATC’s own Nick Enger leads a productive discussion moderation.

eSentire: Cyber Defined! MDR, XDR, EDR, NDR
Mike Sci

Cybersecurity is a big data problem. Learn how to be an educated consumer of MDR (Managed Detection and Response) and understand what XDR, EDR, and NDR are and why they matter. In addition, Mike will share a methodology for evaluating and defining MDR solutions to separate fact from fiction in a rapidly growing security segment.

CATO Networks: MITRE – Why It Matters
Bill Carter

The MITRE ATT&CK Framework may be a familiar term to cyber professionals, but what are its practical uses? Join Bill Carter of Cato Networks as he discusses the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Learn how it can be practically utilized for:

  • SOC Assessments
  • Adversary Emulation Exercises
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Detection
  • Purple Teaming Methodology

RapidScale: Cloud Modernization: Everything as a Service (XaaS)
Bryon Waters

Staying up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of IT modernization, specifically related to XaaS offerings in the marketplace, is invaluable. Understand how to focus your IT team on more Line-of-Business projects rather than trouble tickets and upgrades.

Expedient: Accelerating the Path to a Cloud Operating Model
Jim Gehring – Digital Strategist

In this presentation, we will examine the cloud migration and adoption process through the lens of the age-old adage, “Slow down to speed up.” Learn the challenges and costs of “lift and shift” while being introduced to the concept of a cloud operating model— a model that streamlines IT infrastructure management and maximizes the benefits of the cloud.

CBTS: Optimizing and Securing Your Network
Kevin Johnston & Brent Baker

Old security plans built around securing a perimeter must evolve into a new identity-based strategy. Businesses must identify WHO is accessing WHAT resource from WHERE and apply the appropriate security policy. To build this new reality, organizations must choose from a myriad of SASE, ZTNA, NaaS, and identity products. Expert resources from CBTS can help guide customers to the right mix of products to meet any organization’s needs.

RingCentral: Hello To Amazing Phone Experiences Within MS Teams
Aaron Cypher – Solutions Engineer

Sit in with RingCentral’s Solutions Engineer, Aaron Cypher, as he takes a journey through how leading UCaaS providers are delivering amazing phone experiences to complete the Microsoft Teams user experience.

AT&T Cybersecurity: Securing The Edge
Theresa Lanowitz – Head of Evangelism

Sit in with Theresa Lanowitz, Head of Evangelism at AT&T Cybersecurity, as she discusses “edge” technologies, their adoption process, their implementation in retail environments to assist in loss prevention and how businesses are placing significant, proactive investment in cybersecurity.

Telarus: Cyber Showdown Panel
Jason Stein

Jason Stein, VP of cybersecurity at Telarus, moderates a “cyber showdown” panel, with experts from AT&T, eSentire, Vigilant and Threatblockr trading thoughts on the latest cybersecurity trends. Featuring Doug Arceo (AT&T), Mike Sci (eSentire), Chris Nyhuis (Vigilant), and George Just (Threatblockr), this panel discusses how Zero Trust system access is replacing traditional VPNs, how threat detection and response is going mainstream and how more organizations are outsourcing their cybersecurity needs.

Vigilant: Actions To Take Before Biggest Cyber Risk Event of 2023
Chris Nyhuis – CEO

Uncover proactive steps to take in the next 30 days before the biggest Cyber Risk Event of the year. Chris Nyhuis discusses data breaches, positioning, the changing nature of insurance providers, endpoint security, freeing yourself from compliance and frameworks and more.

Zoom: CX: Business Is War – What Tech Gives You the Edge
Brandon Knight – Global Head of Channel CX

Experts from CBTS, CATO Networks, RapidScale and Nitel all discuss SASE/SD-WAN and how implementing these solutions are better than traditional VPNs. ATC’s own Nick Enger leads a productive discussion moderation.

Zoom: Empowering People To Do Their Best
Gary Sorrentino – Global CIO

Now that the pandemic is behind us, how do we make people better moving forward? Whether they are working remotely, in-office or hybrid, we need to continue to create a culture of collaboration and innovation. Join Zoom’s CIO, Gary Sorrentino, for an in-depth discussion on unleashing human excellence.

Tech Summit FAQs

The 2023 ATC Tech Summit featured two keynotes, two panels, and eight breakout sessions. The keynotes were delivered by Zoom’s Global CIO and AT&T’s Cybersecurity Evangelist, while the panels included Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) discussing network security and cybersecurity. Breakout sessions offered interactive sessions on various emerging technology segments. Check out the 2023 agenda here.

Specific keynotes and panelists vary from year to year. You can expect to hear from leading experts, thought leaders, and experienced mid-market and enterprise technologists sharing insights and expertise. 2023’s Tech Summit featured SMEs from Zoom, Rapidscale, CBTS, eSentire, Vigilant, RingCentral, Expedient, and CATO Networks.

Register here for 2024’s Tech Summit to be hosted on February 29th.Check the Tech Summit Event Page for more information on the upcoming event.

Yes. ATC’s Tech Summit provides loads of networking opportunities. During breaks, lunches and designated networking sessions, as well as a Happy Hour, attendees can connect with fellow industry professionals, speakers and experts. The peer networking is worth the cost of admission alone. Come exchange ideas and build invaluable connections.

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