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Downloadable e-Guide: 5 Things SASE Covers That SD-WAN Doesn’t

5 Things SASE Covers That SD-WAN Doesn't

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Get Your Free Downloadable e-Guide: 5 Things SASE Covers That SD-WAN Doesn’t

More and more IT leaders are realizing that SD-WAN doesn’t address all the needs required for a complete digital transformation. In fact, Gartner predicts a rapid shift to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by 60 percent of companies in 2024.
Want to understand why SD-WAN is suddenly taking a backseat? Want to uncover the basics of SASE as it applies to a shift in enterprise demands and network security? Together with CATO, we’re offering a free, downloadable and printable e-guide that’s easy (and secure) to read: 5 Things SASE Covers That SD-WAN Doesn’t.

With the significant increase in costs of SD-WAN deployments and complications surrounding ongoing maintenance for additional security appliances, it has become clear that SASE’s security network stack is a much better choice for businesses. SASE’s ability to deliver unified, enterprise-grade security to all edges at all locations eliminates the need for additional security appliances and saves on time and costs.

Geared for the non-technical among us, this ebook uses easy-to-understand language to provide everything you need to know to make an informed decision on the basics of SASE.


What You’ll Discover

Discover the advantages of SASE over SD-WAN, including its ability to access all of your applications both on premises and in the cloud. In five short but info-packed chapters, you’ll learn more about:

  • SD-WAN shortcomings.
  • The difference between SASE and SD-WAN.
  • The advanced security features of SASE.
  • How SASE guarantees business continuity.
  • Cloud readiness and network optimization.
  • SASE’s global private backbone and built-in WAN optimization.

Not Sure if SASE Is the Right Decision?

  • Is your business struggling to provide tech support to remote users?
  • Are you constantly scrambling to secure a data breach whenever proprietary data is transmitted in the cloud?
  • Is your tech staff feeling burned out from trying to stay ahead of attackers?
  • Are you currently using a third party to address global backbone integration and performance?

SASE creates a holistic platform that connects all edges to the network and has the security capabilities an enterprise requires. Spend time with our downloadable e-guide: “5 Things SASE Covers That SD-WAN Doesn’t,” and you’ll be prepared to move beyond the network complexity of today and prepare for the digital transformation opportunities of tomorrow. 

Get Your Free e-Guide: 5 Things SASE Covers That SD-WAN Doesn't

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