How UCaaS Solutions Empower Your Workforce to Work

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Empower Your Staff with UCaaS Solutions

Empower Your Staff with UCaaS Solutions

UCaaS solutions combine the best of traditional office phone systems with other real-time messaging apps and intuitively delivers them. It brings all the mission-critical aspects of communications, like voice, video, chat, messaging, meetings, and virtual collaboration, onto one unified platform.

A UCaaS solution can be an excellent building block for innovation if its associated benefits make sense for your business. As experienced technology advisors, we know a thing or two about UCaaS solutions, so we’ve outlined six critical benefits associated with UCaaS. 

Here’s how UCaaS solutions empower your workforce to work wherever and whenever. 

1. UCaaS solutions remove large upfront costs, licensing expenses, and ongoing hardware maintenance and management

The need for costly PBX hardware disappears, along with associated separate building wiring for phones and data, additional cards required to add new employees, and space and power to house a PBX in your network room or data center. This becomes an even more significant advantage when you have several locations as you begin to eliminate multiple pieces of PBX hardware.

2. UCaaS solutions remove the cost and complexity of managing phone lines to the telecommunications provider and between locations

Since you no longer have a PBX, you don’t need the costly trunk lines or circuits between your various business locations and telco providers. All calls will travel over the Internet.

3. UCaaS solutions scale up or down when your business requirements change, and you only pay for what you need 

UCaaS solutions eliminate the need to overprovision phone lines and circuits, which can often take weeks or months for the average telco provider to install. UCaaS solutions feature almost limitless outbound and inbound call capacity. The only thing you need to be concerned about is ensuring that you have enough bandwidth, devices, and people to answer the calls.

4. UCaaS solutions remove the upgrades, maintenance, and repair burdens of IT while enabling easier control

Whether you have a legacy PBX that requires hard-to-find technical skills, a newer IP PBX that requires highly trained technicians, or costly third-party support, your traditional PBX hardware is expensive and complex to support and maintain. 

As a result, you’ll have to employ dedicated resources to ensure the proper care of your on-premises PBX hardware. If you don’t, it puts you at the mercy of expensive truck rolls that happen on the local service provider’s schedule — not yours or your customers.

5. UCaaS solutions provide advanced phone services, unified communications, and collaboration features in a single service

Frequently, a major reason for replacing a premise-based PBX with UCaaS is the lack of workplace flexibility. UCaaS can support rapid growth and other changing business needs agilely. 

For example, if your organization experiences a seasonal spike in staffing, adding a phone line to a legacy PBX requires the services of someone qualified in that particular hardware. However, UCaaS. enables almost any authorized person to easily add, move, or change phone services — typically in seconds and from anywhere, on any device.

6. UCaaS solutions provide faster access to innovation

New features and capabilities can be rapidly developed by your UCaaS solutions provider in cloud-native software. These additions can be made instantly available to your users, so you gain the benefits of evergreen software that is always kept current with feature updates, security patches, and version upgrades. 

The Three Main Takeaways

We’ve thrown a lot of information at you, and it might be a bit much to digest, so here are the three main takeaways from what UCaaS solutions can do to empower your workforce.

  • Moving to the cloud means the UCaaS provider furnishes all the manpower and expertise required for upgrades, maintenance and repair, taking the burden off your IT staff.
  • A centralized system in the cloud eliminates the need for trained staff at multiple sites, calls to local third-party support services, or one person with telephony experience driving or flying to each of your business locations. 
  • IT gains flexibility and greater administrative control over the system with easy online access using any device to manage the system during off hours or when traveling.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in implementing a UCaaS solution or want to discuss more on finding the right UCaaS provider, let’s talk. We can help you transform your communication technology.

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