Global Head of Customer Experience for Zoom, Brandon Knight, to Keynote ATC’s Tech Summit 

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The eminent Brandon Knight from Zoom returns to deliver this year’s keynote for ATC’s 3rd annual technology conference dedicated to voice, network, cloud, and cybersecurity technologies. This year’s Summit also heavily focuses on data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Knight, a renowned customer experience evangelist, will deliver the keynote, “Revolutionizing CX with AI: Riding the Next Wave of Innovation,” to kick off the Summit at 12:10 p.m. on Leap Day, Thursday, February 29th.

(Tech Summit cybersecurity keynote, “Decoding the Threat: Strategic Use of AI in Your Security Program.”)

Knight, the Global Head of Customer Experience at Zoom, will take center stage to unpack the power of artificial intelligence in shaping and elevating the Customer Experience (CX). With his extensive career, from leading enterprise contact centers to being a cloud contact center evangelist, Knight will guide attendees through the developing revolution of CX with AI and this transformative journey.

Opening Keynote – “Revolutionizing CX with AI: Riding the Next Wave of Innovation”
12:10 p.m. – 12:55 p.m. – Brandon Knight – Global Head ZCX Channel & Ecosystem – Zoom
AI has emerged as a next-level technology revolutionizing how businesses interact and engage with customers. Keynote speaker, Brandon Knight, passionately covers the profound impact of AI on Customer Experience (CX), demonstrating how organizations can harness its potential to craft personalized, immersive, and superior customer experiences. This breakthrough keynote will redefine—and inspire you to reimagine—your understanding of CX and its future.

Last year, Knight conducted a breakout session at the ATC Tech Summit, which attendees received with high praise. This year, he returns to deliver the keynote.

Keynote Highlights:

  • Explore the profound impact of AI on CX.
  • Discover how to personalize and enhance customer interactions using AI technology.
  • Redefine your CX strategies with innovative AI applications.

Looking at the future, it’s clear that AI is not just a trend—it’s the bedrock upon which the smartest and most engaging customer experiences are being built. Knight’s talk is a must-attend for Tech Enthusiasts and CX Professionals seeking to leverage AI for superior service and satisfaction.

Join us—this is where theory meets practice, knowledge sparks action, and today’s ideas shape tomorrow’s experiences.

BIO: Brandon Knight – Global Head of Customer Experience at Zoom

In this role, he leads the engagement practice for all indirect sellers of Zoom products, such as ATC. Before that he was the leader of the Contact Center Practices at Telarus and Intelisys—two leading technology service distributors. With over 30 years of combined experience running contact centers, consulting for contact centers, and leading contact center practices, Brandon is a well sought out keynote speaker, panelist, webinar host, and trainer in the CX industry.

As the co-founder of Xposure, he is also leading the effort to bring diversity, inclusion, and equity to the forefront of the change that needs to happen in the technology industry. He served as Founder and President of the consulting company, Exceptional Contact Centers, and held multiple leadership roles with Novation Companies, including CC Cloud Provider Corvisa/Mitel. He served as the SVP of Global Operations for industry leader, Serenova/Lifesize. He has also held several leadership roles at prominent companies, including Humana, Inc., Healthesystems, Inc., The Travelers Companies, Inc., Telerx, Bankers Warranty Group and Sprint PCS.

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