Cincinnati’s Own Chris Nyhuis, Vigilant CEO, to Deliver Cyber-AI Keynote at ATC Tech Summit   

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Afternoon Keynote Set to Cast Spotlight on Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity 

Chris Nyhuis, Co-Founder and CEO of Cincinnati-based Vigilant, will deliver the afternoon cybersecurity keynote at the 3rd annual ATC Tech Summit. Nyhuis is an accomplished speaker, cyberwarfare instructor, and evangelist in the cybersecurity field. He founded Vigilant in 2009 to systematically change the way cybersecurity is performed.

(Tech Summit opening keynote, “Revolutionizing CX with AI: Riding the Next Wave of Innovation.”)

Vigilant, a cybersecurity innovation powerhouse, has developed groundbreaking methods for defending organizations’ datasets against advanced cyber-attacks, leading the industry in mean time to detect and contain threats. 

The ATC Tech Summit features a cybersecurity spotlight in the afternoon, which includes this cyber-dedicated “keynote” address along with a “cyber showdown” panel, soon to be announced. 

As cyber threats evolve with increasing sophistication, the battle to secure digital frontiers grows more complex. Nyhuis’ keynote titled, “Decoding the Threat: Strategic Use of AI in Your Security Program,” will embark on a journey that doesn’t merely look at the future of cybersecurity but will empower attendees to transform knowledge into power and invoke AI as a strategic ally. See the full description below. 

“We are thrilled to have Chris deliver our Cyber keynote,” says ATC Director of Marketing + Consultant, Louie Hollmeyer. “The cyber showcase portion of our Summit last year was one of the most popular components. Chris is one of the best in the business. Chris is widely recognized as a leading expert in cybersecurity. Like Brandon, Chris’ breakout received high praise last year.” 

Vigilant is a global leader and one of the original organizations that helped shape the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) segment and services. Today, MDR continues to rapidly evolve, gain traction, and be deployed in both midmarket and enterprise organizations. 

“It’s great to be doing this in our hometown with local IT leaders,” says Nyhuis. “We’re all in this together, and collectively we’ll all be better together. ATC did a great job with this event last year, and Vigilant is excited to be back.” 

Cybersecurity Keynote Decoding the Threat: Strategic Use of AI in Your Security Program
3:45 – 4:15 p.m. – Chris Nyhuis – Co-Founder & CEO – Vigilant
Prepare to be propelled into the future of cybersecurity, where AI not only enhances our capabilities but also challenges us to think differently. This keynote is your map to an uncharted digital world, brimming with potential and ripe for discovery. Join us to transform knowledge into power and turn AI into a strategic ally in the digital age. This talk is tailored for cybersecurity professionals and tech executives eager to harness AI’s potential responsibly and effectively. Discover how AI transforms cybersecurity strategies, from sophisticated offensive tactics to robust defensive measures, and learn to navigate its complexities with precision. 
Key Highlights: 
AI’s Dual Role in Cybersecurity: Dive into AI’s transformative power, reshaping offense and defense in cybersecurity with groundbreaking strategies.
Offensive AI – The Attacker’s Edge: Uncover how attackers harness AI, crafting sophisticated cyber assaults with precision and foresight. 
Defensive AI – Instant Adaptation and Analyst Empowerment: Explore AI’s ability to elevate defenders into super-analysts, delivering swift, accurate threat counter measures. 
The SIEM Logs Hallucination: Navigate the tricky waters of SIEM logs, where the phenomenon of AI hallucination challenges our quest for data’s truth, pivotal to AI’s might.  
Strategic AI Deployment: Embark on a strategy-rich path, leveraging AI’s full spectrum to bolster your cybersecurity defenses. 
Ethical Considerations and Continuous Learning: Delve into the ethical backbone of AI in cybersecurity, ensuring a future-proof defense through perpetual learning.

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