5 Signs You Should Consider Outsourcing Cybersecurity

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A sound security strategy provides unified and reliable protection of your assets from potential threats. Today, every business is vulnerable to attack, not just major global brands. The consequences of being unprepared can be catastrophic. According to a recent security report, 77 percent of IT leaders reported more frequent cyberattacks in 2020 and a whopping 83 percent of IT leaders with in-house security teams considered outsourcing cybersecurity in 2021.

Is your business prepared to defend against threats? What steps do you have in place to protect your employees and assets in the instance of a cyberattack? Cybersecurity is evolving and complex with many moving parts. Often organizations maintain a lean security posture. Whether by design or out of necessity, this leaves them open to attack. With the exponential rise in cybercrime, security jobs are the most in-demand careers in technology. This has created a talent shortage for businesses. Don’t get caught unaware and understaffed. 

There are key ways to identify whether or not your business needs a boost to its security posture.

5 Signs You Should Consider Outsourcing Cybersecurity

1. Your network environment needs protection. Cyber criminals  pose special threats to computer network security. They are some of the world’s most knowledgeable, tech-savvy networking experts and they use their knowhow to hack into your systems without permission. Your important and sensitive information should be kept private and secured. One of the biggest risks to computers, mobiles and every endpoint connected to your corporate network is identity theft or stolen information. If your business feels unprepared for such attacks, it may be time to consider outsourcing cybersecurity.

Many organizations have the tools necessary to manage cybersecurity in-house, but there are others that do not. Consider outsourcing cybersecurity for the implementation and management of firewalls, endpoint detection and response, antivirus software and other security tools to protect your network environment.

2. You need 24/7/365 IT support. Your in-house IT staff has a life outside of work, too. Around-the-clock care may not be possible internally, whether that’s due to work-life balance or because overhead costs are too high. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are working at all hours to find new ways to steal your pertinent data. Monitoring and managing your cybersecurity requires 24/7/365 support with professional care. Outsourcing cybersecurity allows you to achieve a higher level of security, without the added time and expense required for in-house staff.

3. You don’t have peace of mind. Outsourcing cybersecurity allows you to focus more on your core business with peace of mind knowing your most valuable assets are secure. By reshifting  the focus to your core business, your IT team will be able to tackle other initiatives while cybersecurity is handled externally. Proper IT support and a strong security posture affords you the opportunity to pool your resources in other aspects of the business.

4. Compliance and regulation are a concern. Are you finding it difficult to stay in compliance or meet regulation standards?  No matter which compliance regulations you are required to follow, you likely are required to have a log of events that are happening on your network. Some organizations will purchase a security information and event management (SIEM) tool, but will not regularly monitor or utilize the tool properly.

By outsourcing the management of your SIEM, you’ll have expert IT professionals who are able to easily identify, solve, classify and properly address your major security vulnerabilities. A SIEM solution collects, analyzes and reports on data gathered across an entire IT infrastructure in real-time, including data from networked devices, servers, domain controllers and more. Look for: 

  • Compliance reporting
  • Threat intelligence feeds
  • Simple integration options
  • Data forensics.

With an outsourced cybersecurity firm, you can detect and respond quickly to cyber threats. Additionally, you can expect routine consultations centered around the protection of your data and fast resolution of cybersecurity issues with updated regulations and best practices.

5. You’re not taking advantage of cloud solutions. Are you operating your business with outdated technology? Legacy networks can’t keep up with today’s intensive workloads and remote workforce. An application-focused cloud ecosystem eliminates barriers and reduces the distance data needs to travel to the end-user. Due to its scalable nature, cloud solutions provide security and the flexibility required to optimize your workloads through public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud options.

Cloud data storage can be more secure than storing data on your own business premises. There’s less risk of loss or theft, more flexibility and the ability to recover quickly from a disaster. Cloud security is a critical component of cloud solutions and offers the following:

  • 24×7 visibility: the best cloud security solutions like AppTrana enable 24×7 monitoring of the application and cloud-based assets
  • Higher availability
  • Effective protection against DDoS attacks
  • Data security
  • Pay as you go model
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Regulatory compliance.

Ask the Cybersecurity Consultants

If signs are pointing to outsourcing your cybersecurity needs, the IT consultants at ATC can help. Businesses face a demanding and evolving threat landscape. We’ve got the expertise, solutions and vendors in place to mitigate threats and protect you from these existential risks. Contact us today and count on ATC’s innovative expertise and proven approach to sourcing and implementing next-gen IT services.

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