ATC Adds to Consulting Team, Super Support, and Marketing

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Laughlin (r), Leist (c), and McKinley (l) Hit Ground Running

Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC) recently onboarded additional talent in three distinct areas of the business. In November, ATC Cincinnati welcomed Cameron Laughlin to its Delta Team, Ron Leist to the Super Support team, and Alexis McKinley to the Marketing team.

Cameron Laughlin joined the ATC Delta Team as a digital transformation consultant. The ATC Delta Team is tasked with end-to-end client engagement, conducting technology assessments on the front-end through to project management and new services implementation.

With nearly two months of experience at ATC, Laughlin has provided unique ways to improve IT analyses and thus business-critical IT decision-making.

“Joining ATC feels like getting drafted onto a winning team. Every single person here has not only made me feel welcome, but has also gone out of their way to show me what separates ATC from the competition,” says Laughlin. “This team puts in the work and truly goes the extra mile for our clients. It is no surprise that ATC is changing the game.”

Cameron was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Findlay, OH, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati. He enjoys playing golf and spends most of his time in the spring and summer months coaching baseball. Laughlin also spends most of his time with his wife, Katie, and three boys. The family has a goal of visiting all 50 states before the boys graduate high school. They have made excellent progress so far.

“Cameron’s project management experience has already paid dividends,” says ATC CTO, Nick Enger. “He immediately tweaked and refined some of our processes. He has been a great addition to the Delta Team.”

Ron Leist, who was welcomed onto the Super Support team, has had an immediate impact providing personalized Super Support to ATC’s clients. Leist also has a personal interest in cybersecurity and plans to deepen his expertise in the segment.

“I have enjoyed the atmosphere at ATC. It is a great work environment,” says Leist. “It’s refreshing to come to work to see everyone on the same page and moving forward. I feel that I have found a ‘home’ for me. I’m excited for the opportunities that lay ahead.”

Leist is originally from Cincinnati, OH. His favorite activities include playing ice hockey, attending Cincinnati Cyclones games, and playing guitar. Leist enjoys spending time with his 13-year-old son and hanging out with friends

“Ron’s service-desk experience has been evident since day one,” says ATC CAO, Clayton Connor. “I expect big things from Ron as he transitions into the ATC model, anchored by Super Support.”

Alexis McKinley joined ATC as the new Junior Marketing Specialist. In the past few weeks, since she started with ATC, she has quickly settled in and taken charge of digital marketing initiatives. “I am super excited to join ATC,” says McKinley. “This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of an ever-changing industry. I am excited to leverage my skills at ATC and see all the possibilities for this amazing company as we continue to grow.”

McKinley is a native from Cincinnati, OH, and enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, and catching up on her favorite reality TV shows. Alexis recently adopted a dog and looks forward to traveling with her pup and family this year.

“Alexis will be key to scaling our marketing efforts,” says Louie Hollmeyer, ATC Director of Marketing. “She’s done a nice job stepping in and contributing right away. I’m excited to see what her future holds as she continues to familiarize herself with our model, market, and go-to-marketing strategy.”

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