ATCinco de Mayo Recap 2023

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ATC recently hosted its 6th annual ATCinco de Mayo party on May 4th at their Liberty Center contemporary office space. The food was fresh, the drinks were cold, and the networking opportunities were abundant. If you weren’t able to attend this year’s event, here’s an ATCinco de Mayo recap.

The event featured music, Mexican cuisine, margaritas and many memories made,  bringing together IT leaders, partners, clients, and friends of ATC together to celebrate companionship and the IT community.

Louie Hollmeyer, ATC director of marketing and consultant,  kicked off the evening’s activities, thanking ATC’s technology partners, RingCentral, Ntirety, RapidScale, and Fusion Connect for their support of the event. He then directed everyone to enjoy the taco bar, endless appetizers, drinks of choice, and a selfie kiosk. You can take a look at some of the fun photos here! Guests even got their caricatures done by a local artist for a fun souvenir to remember the night.  

Later in the evening, David Goodwin, ATC’s Managing Partner and Co-Founder, talked about how it was such a nice, sunny day out and how they used to hold the event outside in previous years. He remarked that every time ATCinco de Mayo was held outdoors, it would rain, and it would only be a matter of how cold, rainy or windy it would be. He mentioned this event was a nice change of pace from previous years and how ATC continues to invest in the IT community, whether it be education, networking, collaboration, or just pure unadulterated fun.  He also thanked RingCentral, Ntirety, RapidScale, and Fusion Connect.

Throughout the evening, Louie Hollmeyer, and digital marketer, Alexis McKinley, made announcements for the raffle drawings and periodically checked in with everyone to make sure they were having a good time. And by the smile on everybody’s face , it was a blast!

Until Next Year:  ATCinco de Mayo Recap 2023

Louie Hollmeyer gave closing remarks near the end of the event and noted that while the official end time was 7 p.m., people were more than welcome to stay later. Last year, people gathered until almost 9 p.m.! He invited guests to next year’s event and shared infectious enthusiasm for the sponsors, partners, and everyone involved.

Providing an evening of food, drinks and networking opportunities is just one of the fun ways ATC is here to help IT leaders navigate the increasingly complex technology landscape. Mark your calendar for Thursday, May 2nd or #ATCincoDeMayo24. Typically, ATC holds it’s Cinco de Mayo event on the closest Thursday to the 5th.

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