How CIOs can turn office relocation into transformation

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(CIOs armed with telecom expertise—an inch wide and a mile deep—make sound choices regarding collaboration solutions and unified communications.)

When organisations are compelled to move to a new office building, CIOs have a once in a career opportunity to give IT a “new lease of life”.

It’s a small window of time for chief information officers to demonstrate their business knowledge, and show off new technologies that drive different ways of working for greater collaboration, productivity and long-term growth. But it also presents a considerable challenge around managing the inevitable resistance to change.

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The deployment of VoIP at the law firm was central to improving communications within a more open and collaborative working environment.

Amor said this meant Corrs would no longer have to maintain separate networks for phones and data and could administer the network from anywhere. It could also reduce costs associated with moving, adding or changing employees. Staff can now be reached on a soft phone, desk phone or mobile using a single number and are able to do videoconferencing from their desktops.

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