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Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

With the rise of remote work and hybrid models, organizations with on-premise phone systems are looking for solutions to update their voice communications for the modern workplace. One way they’re doing this is through Microsoft Teams direct routing, which enables organizations to connect external phone lines and use Teams as a cloud-based office phone system. Learn more about direct routing and its advantages to see if it’s right for your business.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

For most organizations, Teams is primarily used for internal communications and collaboration. Direct routing allows an organization to access the PSTN (public switched telephone network that’s used for landlines) from Teams. With this direct routing, users can reduce the need to switch between apps. They can make and receive external calls while staying within the Teams environment. And, without leaving Teams, users can securely text, send multimedia messages and even fax customers and colleagues. 

Calling for Business Benefits 

Beyond the advantages of a unified communications platform, direct routing with Teams offers businesses a host of features. You can:  

  • Improve business intelligence with analytics. Real-time data reveals key trends, patterns of calls and customer sentiments. 

  • Make calls from a variety of devices, no matter where you’re working. With today’s “work from anywhere” employees, this feature increases productivity. It also helps improve customer service by making contact center operations more seamless.   

  • Take advantage of competitive pricing when compared to Microsoft calling plans. 

  • Enjoy the versatility of “bringing your own carrier.” You get to choose your own external provider of minutes and lines. 

  • Count on tailored services and expert support, from deployment of the solution through to hosting, monitoring and ongoing maintenance. 

  • Grow, with no minimum user quantity. The system is configurable from 1 to 10,000 users.

No Sacrifices 

There’s no loss of quality with telephony services using direct routing for Teams. You can make both inbound and outbound calls on a range of devices, whether using a native Microsoft Teams endpoint (Teams desktop, mobile, web app or Teams phones) or an app for non-Teams users, including support for analog phones, fax machines or doorbells. The solution works across all PC, Mac and mobile devices and is based on global infrastructure with built-in enterprise security.  

Direct routing through Teams is enabled through a central management portal, so there’s no client-side software to set up. Administrators simply log in to a portal to provision, activate and manage licensed users for voice services for Microsoft Teams. You can retain and extend support for the contact center software, devices and integrations that are already enabled. 

Route Your Business Communications to Success

Communication technology is the backbone of modern-day organizations. If your business has a traditional PBX phone system that leads to fragmented communications, Microsoft direct routing is a viable option to integrate it into your communications infrastructure. Provide employees, both on-site and remote, with a robust phone system that delivers crisp, clear and uninterrupted connections.

By partnering with an independent IT consulting firm, your organization will be able to unify communications and achieve a digital transformation that leads to increased productivity, improved customer service, reduced costs and enhanced security. Contact ATC now to explore technology solutions that accelerate growth for your business.

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