Protect Your Business with Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

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Protect Your Business with Managed Detection and Response

Keep Threats at Bay With MDR

Undetected threats can cause irreparable damage to the daily flow of business operations for many  businesses. The painful reality is that all organizations are under attack—whether opportunistic or targeted—and the threat landscape is continually changing while the attack surface increases and the perimeter dissolves. Cybersecurity is vital to any organization and managed detection and response (MDR) can help mitigate damages caused by cybercrime.

Cyberthreats are increasing at an alarming rate and becoming more complex by the hour. In 2020,  it was reported that more than half of all cyberattacks were committed against SMBs. Managed networks offer built-in security measures that transform how your business operates and defends against attacks. The heir apparent to security information and event management (SIEM), managed detection and response is an outsourced cybersecurity service designed to protect your data and assets even if a threat eludes standard organizational controls. 

Avoid Cybercrime at All Costs

A Norton insights report indicated that in 2021, 47 percent of cybercrime victims lost money and significant profit as a result of cyberattack. Some of the more damaging costs resulting from cybercrime may include:

  • Destruction of proprietary data
  • Stolen or ransomed money
  • Loss of productivity
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Theft of personal and financial data
  • Embezzlement and fraud
  • Restoration and deletion of hacked data systems
  • Reputational harm
  • And more…

While mid-market organizations don’t have the resources of large corporations, they still have access to valuable and sensitive customer data. In 2021, the average ransom paid by mid-sized organizations was $170,404. With phishing and ransomware attacks being the most common methods used by cybercriminals, MDR for business can supplement existing security and IT measures, providing additional defense and protection for your business. It allows your company to be proactive in finding, stopping, and responding to cyber threats before it’s too late (and too costly).

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Managed detection and response combines technology and human expertise to allow organizations to rapidly detect, analyze, investigate and actively respond with threat mitigation and containment. Using MDR, technology providers offer a turnkey experience, using a predefined technology stack to collect relevant logs, data and contextual information that covers the following areas:

Cloud adoption, business applications and remote users continue to expand at exponential rates. To outpace the growing speed and sophistication of modern threats, an MDR solution is paramount to protecting the attack surface of your business from all angles. Ingesting network, endpoint, cloud, and vulnerability data enhances the visibility of your attack surfaces 24/7 and drives deeper investigations that strengthen the speed and completeness of attack responses. In other words, whether your environment is in the cloud, on-premise or somewhere in-between, an MDR service provider will monitor your network around the clock, ensuring every asset is safe and secure throughout your entire IT infrastructure.

Build a Defensible Cybersecurity Posture with ATC

A sound security strategy provides unified and reliable protection of your assets from potential threats. Businesses face a demanding and evolving threat landscape. Today, every business is vulnerable to attack, not just major global brands, and the consequences of being unprepared can be catastrophic.At ATC, we’ve got the expertise, MDR solutions and technology providers in place to mitigate threats and protect you from existential risks. Contact us today and get started with the right solution for your business.

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