Top Signs Your Business Phone System Needs to Be Replaced

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Top Signs Your Business Phone System Needs to Be Replaced

Hello? Are you trying to do business but dealing with a phone system that isn’t what it used to be or should be? Maybe you’re stuck with legacy hardware that isn’t supported anymore. It could be time for a new voice solution, otherwise known as unified communications. Here are some of the telltale signs that you need a business phone system update.

1. Your audio quality is poor and not always reliable.

If you’re concerned about customer experience (and who isn’t?), dropped or choppy calls are going to leave a poor impression. If you have to repeat yourself on calls or ask callers to do so, it’s a customer-service issue. You might notice rough connections in conference call meetings. These symptoms point to a need for a business phone system update. With a new system, you’ll have crystal clear audio that sounds like you and your callers are in the same room.

2. Remote employees are struggling with your phone system.

Whether it’s work from home or work from anywhere, there’s a lot of business being done outside the office. If your business phone system isn’t able to seamlessly connect remote workers, they will be less productive.  By updating your voice solution, you’ll be able to offer team members full-featured communications no matter where they are. 

3. Your phone system is stuck in the past. 

Even if you’re able to make and receive calls just fine, your current phone system could be a relic. Today’s voice solutions have many helpful features that improve productivity, employee engagement and even the bottom line. Can your phone system route calls based on customer type, issue or purpose? Are you helping customers by cutting hold times? Are you able to glean actionable data from call records? Are your voicemails automatically transcribed to email? Today’s phone systems can do all these things to elevate your business.

4. Your phone system is outdated and prone to outages. 

Some legacy phone systems are expensive to maintain, because they rely on technology that is out of date and equipment that isn’t easy to repair. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pair telephones from 20 years ago with new technology solutions. 

Outages are an issue, too. If your phone system is down, work can grind to a halt. On updated business phone systems, calls run via the internet, so weather, local outages, outdated infrastructure or aging equipment won’t affect your service. And if issues do arise, they can be addressed by a support team remotely: You won’t be stuck waiting on a repair person to come to your office.

5. You’re growing, but your business phone system is lagging behind.

Scaling up? If you’re adding new locations or extra staff, doing it with a legacy phone system will be clunky and expensive. Voice solutions and today’s unified communications (UC) make adapting to business changes easy. Another bonus: Internet-based service means you won’t need to add expensive phone wiring or circuits to new locations or wait on a phone support person to set up equipment.

6. Your systems and apps aren’t connecting.

Outdated phone systems can’t integrate into your business’s other communication systems to make email, text messaging, audio and video conferencing and other functions seamless. Unified communications bring everything together by streamlining both your internal and external communication so all of your systems and tools run through the same software.

No more time wasted switching back and forth between applications.

Business Phone

7. Security is an issue with your phone system.

Whatever type or size of business you operate, security is vital. The audio signals from traditional phone systems are very vulnerable to being intercepted by attackers. With a new voice solution, you get security you can count on to protect your data.

Weighing the Advantages of an Updated Business Phone System?

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