Zoom’s Video-First Communications (whitepaper)

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Leveraging Zoom Phone with ATC

Elevate Your Company to a Video-First Unified Communications Platform

Zoom is one of ATC’s hottest technology providers, not just for video conferencing, but for voice as well. In fact, ATC has implemented Zoom phone for clients. If you’re interested in Zoom Phone, please read the intro to this whitepaper and download the full PDF below.

Today’s hyper-digital landscape has changed how commerce is transacted, and such change has become increasingly evident in how businesses communicate internally and externally. Historically, supporting modern modes of business communication relies on a disparate mix of video, voice, meetings, and chat services across a growing variety of mobile devices, desktops, and conference room endpoints. And, employees often end up using multiple siloed apps that lead to poor user experiences and low adoption.

While Zoom has solved this challenge for conferencing and chat, businesses have continued to struggle with legacy on-premise phone systems that carry forward the limitations of a 5-, 10-, and even more than 25-yearold technology. Many IT departments cobble together solutions to accommodate the ever-growing demand from their user base to consolidate systems and focus on integrating newer video and messaging-based services. This approach is far from seamless — the various tools generate friction, creating end-user frustration and slowing business productivity while adding burden to the IT Helpdesk.

Zoom connects people through frictionless video, voice, chat, and content sharing. Zoom’s cloud-native platform delivers reliable, high-quality video and voice that is easy to use, manage, and deploy, provides an attractive return on investment, is scalable and easily integrates with physical spaces and applications. And now, Zoom adds Zoom Phone, a cloud phone service, to this frictionless platform.


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