How IVR Can Free Up Your Contact Center

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Is your contact center constantly flooded and overwhelmed with calls? Are many of the calls regarding purchasing services or products? Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a great way to field these calls and take the pressure off your service team. 

What Is Interactive Voice Response?

IVR fields the calls you get to your contact center by prompting the caller to press certain keys depending on what they’re looking for. It will direct the calls to the right department based on their issue and can even help troubleshoot simple issues like password management and incident reporting, acting as IT Support. IVR can also determine if some issues are more complex and need to be passed on to a call center or live agent. IVR systems have made significant advancements since they were first developed and are used to automate simple processes to provide self-service options to callers.

How Can An IVR Benefit Me?

Consumers demand convenience and simplicity nowadays, so it’s important to deliver service that exemplifies those characteristics. With an IVR, your customers are able to access online IT support, be directed to a department or live agent quickly  or troubleshoot in the moment. IVR takes care of minor service tasks so that your contact center can be more available to deal with complex issues that require a live agent. Additionally, IVR will create opportunities for personalization when it comes to your customer. Improving the customer experience and increasing efficiency can ultimately lead to more success for your business. 

Designing and Planning for IVR

When setting up Interactive Voice Response for your customers you’ll need to do careful planning. Some things you’ll want to consider when brainstorming for your new service are:

  • The main goal of the IVR. What problems is it meant to solve?
  • KPI’s (key performance indicators). How do you plan to measure its success?
  • Topics to include. What issues is your IVR intended to help your customers solve?
  • Consequential changes in roles or responsibilities once the IVR is implemented, specifically for your customer service team.
  • Maintenance and the consistent refresh of services with the IVR.

Implementing a IVR in Your Contact Center With ATC

Think IVR may be the right solution for your business? ATC will help you plan, develop, design and implement your new tool so you get it done right the first time and can trust that success is on your horizon. Contact us today to discuss your project goals. 

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