The Importance of Network Security for Business: Why You Need a Plan Now

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Do you know if your organization’s network is secure? Can you confidently say that your sensitive data is protected from cyber attacks? These are crucial questions every IT director and business leader should ask themselves. The truth is that network security for business is no longer optional. 

A superior network is the foundation of any solution. And in the age of digital transformation, staying connected is more important than ever before. With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, having a plan to protect your business is critical.

According to a report by Accenture, the average cost of cybercrime for an organization in the U.S. increased by 29 percent from 2018 to 2021, and the frequency of security breaches has risen by 67 percent over the past five years. These facts emphasize the importance of network security for business. The good news is that there are benefits to having a plan to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Prevent Cyber Attacks: Safeguard Your Data

Your business’s sensitive data, such as financial records, customer data and confidential company information, is your most valuable asset. In today’s digital age, data is worth its weight in gold. 

Without proper network security, this data is at risk of being stolen, lost or manipulated by cybercriminals. However, by having a network security plan in place, you can protect your data from unauthorized access, ensuring that it stays confidential and secure by optimizing your network infrastructure with:

  • Software defined wide area network (SD-WAN). Optimizes IT infrastructure to connect multiple locations, users and applications over disparate networks and technologies in real time, taking the fastest, most stable route at any given moment.
  • Secure access service edge (SASE). Creates a single network that secures and connects all your endpoints, mobile devices, offices and IoT devices into one global network.
  • Network as a service (NaaS). Provides centralized management, visibility and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software. It includes layer 7 device and application visibility, real-time, web-based diagnostics and monitoring and reporting.
  • Multi-protocol and virtual private networks (MPLS/IPVPN). Provides the highest quality, secure inter-office connectivity available while ensuring your voice, data and video applications are performing seamlessly.

Protect Your Bottom Line: Improve Productivity

When your network is not secure, your employees may spend time dealing with the consequences of cyber attacks, such as data breaches and system downtime. With remote or hybrid work being the new normal, this can lead to a significant loss of productivity both in and out of the office, which can affect your business’s bottom line. 

By implementing a network security for business plan, you can improve productivity by minimizing the risk of cyber attacks and ensuring that your employees have access to the data they need at any time, from anywhere.

Provide Security: Build Trust With Customers

When your business is the victim of a phishing, malware or ransomware attack, your customers’ sensitive information may be at great risk. This can lead to a loss of trust, damage to your reputation or worse, having to permanently close your doors due to being unable to afford the cost of ransom. 

With a network security plan in place, you can protect your customers’ data, ensuring that they trust your business to keep their information safe. Building trust with your customers is critical in today’s business landscape, where customer loyalty is essential to success.

Plan on ATC Protection With Network Security for Business

Network security for business is not to be taken lightly. The consequences of not having a security plan in place for your network can be dire. From financial loss to reputational damage, the effects of cyber attacks can be devastating for your business. ATC builds intelligent, secure IT infrastructures to untether your business and unleash productivity. Our network digital transformation solutions will support all your assets, including systems, applications and people. By protecting your data, improving productivity and building trust with your customers, you can stay ahead of cybercriminals and ensure the success of your business. Contact us today for the best way to safeguard your business.

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