Can Your Call Center Gauge User Sentiment? How Omni-Channel Customer Service Increases Customer Satisfaction and Retention

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Intelligent call centers that rely on cloud integration to drive growth are the new normal. Therefore, omni-channel customer service is the new normal. Why? Well, if given the choice, where would you place your loyalty: purchasing products from a company that pulls your personal data from previous online experiences (with questions limited only to verification purposes), or purchasing from a company that requires you to spend time filling out multiple forms every time you buy from them?

You likely want to do business with a company that knows what it’s doing and uses the data it has already collected from you to safely and securely make your life easier.

From the customer’s perspective, every interaction with your company should be part of a singular or holistic experience — not a repetitive one. In fact, a smooth, seamless connection between online and offline worlds can provide a lifeline between you and your customer base. 

The Omni-Channel Experience in 3D

Many call centers already offer multi-channel support, providing the ability for the customer to choose which channel they want to use to reach out to a business. However, those channels are often not tied together to represent the journey the customer has taken with a company. For example, if a customer emails support, then chats with an agent on a website, then decides to call the next day, the agent does not have knowledge of these previous interactions. 

Customers have come to expect customer service and sales departments to be able to provide a true omni-channel experience. This way, every channel in a business is integrated and delivers a complete view of the customer journey to the agent and the business. When the moment arrives for the customer to speak with a live representative, every previous interaction is available to that rep. Omni-channel customer service is a win-win situation for all parties involved: The customer does not have to repeat their story and the representative can just pick up where the customer left off.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Contact Center

  1. Increased customer satisfaction: Recent statistics in customer experience (CX) show that 49 percent of consumers have left a brand in the past year due to a poor experience and 89 percent have left a brand after only two poor experiences. Omni-channel customer service focuses on the overall customer experience, making it smoother, more consistent and highly personalized for customers, ultimately driving repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

  1. Increased revenue and retention: A Forbes study indicates, 40 percent of executives believe personalization has helped to maximize their sales. Data-driven marketing provides you with all the necessary information about the customer, their behavior and their preferences. You can use this data to personalize the buyer’s journey and to deliver the right message to the right audience using the right channels. Omnichannel shoppers demonstrate a higher lifetime value than those who shop using one channel. By leveraging customer data and planning an effective omnichannel marketing strategy, you keep your customers engaged and your sales flowing.
  2. Digital transformation: Technology has changed customer expectations and the delivery systems that contact centers can use to provide great customer experiences. In fact, the contact center is set to undergo more change within the next five years than it has during the last 25 years. Organizations that embrace digital transformation will have a distinct advantage and be prepared to harness the advances that data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are gearing up to offer.

Create Smiles With Omni-Channel Customer Service 

Your success depends on pleasing customers. ATC will empower you to drive transformation by tying strategy and technology to business outcomes and goals. 

You can rely on our deep understanding of the technology of today and tomorrow. Let us help you upgrade your contact center with our purpose-built, agile, resilient and secure digital solutions in the areas of voice, network, cloud and security. Contact us today for a consultation. #BuildingIntoIT

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