ATC Turns 15

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Innovative Approach Spearheads Longevity and Recent Success

October 28, 2014—15 years ago partners David Goodwin and Darren DeMartino and incorporated and launched Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC) to assist customers with switched and dedicated long distance services. Bolstered by an innovative approach that has fueled longevity in the constantly changing telecommunications space, this month ATC celebrates its decade and a half anniversary.


Although both DeMartino and Goodwin had experienced professional success with a prominent telecom provider in 1999, they envisioned a better model where they could offer multiple services and satisfy any purchasing drivers and requirements. They also wanted to provide consultative services and a deeper service-support value proposition. DeMartino and Goodwin put their collective industry experience together to build a diverse partnership network.

Then, and still today, what differentiates ATC within the marketplace is its carrier-neutral, solution-agnostic approach to products and services. ATC has vastly expanded its services, helping leaders of organizations with network services, cloud migration, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, unified communications, mobility, bandwidth and back-up. In fact, ATC experienced record revenues in 2013. Both regional offices—Cincinnati, OH, and Hartford, CT—exceeded previously held revenue highs set in 2012. DeMartino leads the Connecticut office and Goodwin the Ohio office.

Advanced implementations, new customers, bandwidth upgrades and cloud migrations led ATC to its banner year in 2013. While continuing to assist current customers, the trend has continued in 2014 with projects involving new clients such as trustaff, LAZ Parking, and Mike’s Express Car Wash.

Innovative Approach and Future Plans

Over the last five years there has been a transformational convergence of IT and telecom. ATC has embraced this paradigm shift. In fact, under DeMartino and Goodwin’s leadership and ingenuity, ATC has been at the forefront of this convergence, modeling an innovative practice and suite of services to help organizations—from the enterprise to the SMB—create business value from IT, cloud and telecom.

With strategic technology decisions moving increasingly into the C-Suite, ATC has become a trusted advisor and solution identifier for complex IT decisions. Not only is ATC advising the new IT decision makers at the C-level, but also assisting the IT leader with day-to-day support.

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