Two Misconceptions About Hosted UC

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By Ted Schuman, CEO, PlanetOne Communications

Unified Communications (UC) solutions have evolved into a turnkey technology that’s built to scale. Here are two misconceptions about UC that run deep within the IT channel and have kept many companies sitting on the sidelines:

1) Hosted UC Isn’t for SMBs

It’s just not true. In fact, hosted UC is ideal for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and enterprises (SMEs), and could theoretically be the last communications system these organizations will ever have to buy. Why? Because good UC solutions are infinitely scalable, based on cloud technologies that will allow organizations the speed and flexibility to quickly adopt upgrades and market innovations. If deployed correctly, they are future-proof technologies that can have a lasting impact on the success of the organization.

Another benefit that SMBs and SMEs love is the fact that there are no capital expenditures with hosted UC. It’s simply just another operational expense similar to the rest of the organization’s utilities. And, because new applications, content, and services will be based in the cloud, the solution is easily maintained.

UC solutions and services also enable the organization to become more productive, efficient, accessible, and mobile – virtually eliminating phone tag and ensuring important calls aren’t missed. UC also simplifies marketing and overall client engagement by allowing the business or individuals to have just one phone number for anywhere, anytime access.

2) Hosted UC Isn’t Secure

This is absolutely untrue. Leading hosted UC service providers rely on carrier-grade, class 5 data centers that far surpass that of an SMB or SME with an on-premise solution hiding behind a firewall on their LAN. If the business operates within a heavily regulated vertical such as healthcare or financial services, rest assured that the data, services, and security safeguards (of a reputable hosted UC solution) are secure and in compliance.

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