Let’s Chat: How a Contact Center Experience Answers Your Customers’ Questions

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Improve your contact center experience

Let’s be honest: It’s likely that everyone has had at least one poor contact center experience. In some scenarios, perhaps there have been several; like having to desperately contact your wireless carrier, only to have to go 10 rounds with automation before you reach a live representative. And what is most likely to be remembered from this scenario? The moment you were finally connected to a live representative or your struggle with automation and how long it took to reach someone? So, how can you help your customers avoid poor experiences like this one? 

For business executives and leaders to stay competitive, grow their customer base and improve their overall contact center experience, it may be time to upgrade from that old on-prem solution and migrate to the cloud. By 2023, nearly 25 percent of organizations will integrate marketing, sales and customer experience (CX) into a single function, according to a Gartner report. Intelligent cloud contact centers are the future of business. A Forbes Insights report indicates 83 percent of executives face moderate to severe risks to revenue and market share due to unimproved CX. So how can migrating to the cloud fix all of this?

Omnichannel Experience: Your Customers’ Questions, Answered

Many contact centers already offer omnichannel support, providing the ability for the customer to choose which channel they want to use to reach out to a business. However, those channels are often not tied together to represent the journey the customer has taken with a company. For example, if a customer emails support, then chats with a representative on a website, then decides to call the next day with more questions, the agent does not have knowledge of these previous interactions. 

Customers have come to expect customer service and sales departments to be able to provide a true omnichannel experience. This way, every channel in a business is integrated and delivers a complete view of the customer journey to the agent and the business. When the moment arrives for the customer to speak with a live agent, every previous interaction is available to that agent. This is a win-win situation: The customer does not have to repeat their questions and the agent can just pick up where the customer left off.

Unified Communications Improves the Contact Center Experience

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a crucial component of the contact center experience because it brings together all the mission-critical aspects of communication like voice, video, chat, messaging, meetings and virtual collaboration; all onto one unified platform. A rep’s ability to successfully manage difficult or complex customer scenarios is improved by having unified communications (UC) integrated into the contact center. With a UC integration, subject matter experts (SMEs) can easily be contacted to provide answers to the toughest questions and resolutions to the trickiest problems. This feature of intelligent cloud contact centers lets agents use UC to easily escalate calls and track interactions with SMEs. This approach can increase first call resolution and improve both the CX and contact center experience.

Intelligent cloud contact centers are intuitive and easy to learn and use. They integrate with the desktop of your representative, merging customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and workforce optimization (WFO) into one desktop. Reps are empowered to deliver a great customer experience, easily manage scheduling and identify learning and coaching behaviors without having to juggle various systems. Not only are you improving the CX of your contact center, you’re making it easier on your reps to be able to do so.

Migrate Your Contact Center to the Cloud with ATC

Intelligent cloud contact centers are the answer. If you need help transforming your business in order to provide a great contact center experience for your customers, don’t hesitate to contact us today. When there is no margin for error, you can count on ATC’s innovative expertise and methodology — a proven approach to sourcing and implementing next-gen IT services. Positive outcomes await.

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